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Blends Cuisine

Blends Restaurant

The place to blend your senses.

Chef Kostas Lolas signs Blends’ menu, combining the Mediterranean cuisine with international influences, emphasizing on meat.

Blends’ card has been prepared with love, wishing for the restaurant’s guests to travel in the world of taste delights.

Menu’s  seasonal changes in combination with all-fresh ingredients, are the pillars of Blends’ creative team philosophy.

The experienced team strives to offer to the restaurant’s clientele  delicate taste creations, presented in a innovative manner, stunning between the traditional and the modern.

Blends’ menu includes:

  • Many healthy options and light dishes
  • Vegan options for vegetarians.
  • Section “from the land and sea” featuring staffed ravioli, hot cooked dishes and Greek or international meats, such as iberico.
  • Meat suggestions baked in a josper oven, the oven that boosts meat and offers a special culinary experience.

13.00 – 01.00

Blends’ creative team prepares “artworks” every day, small gastronomic masterpieces.

Tasty small portions accompany splendidly your wine or cocktail and star in Blends from noon till late at night.


“I created Blends’ card working together with all our team in an attempt to cover the tastes of all Attica clientele, from morning till night, both of those who work in the vicinity or those who simply go out for dinner.

Nevertheless, I would say that we actually emphasize on meat.

We try to insert into our dishes our own personal feeling of taste; that is why we want to change our menu regularly: To taste new flavors and suggestions together with our clientele in order to come up with what we consider best for them.

The perfection of a dish is both based on its appropriate presentation and its fantastic flavor.

Being overwhelmed with its appearance one is tempted to taste it as well.

Of course, fresh materials also count –luckily, nothing here is given time enough to rotten.


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19 Phoebis & Laodikis,
16674 Glyfada, Attica, Greece
+30 211-1821711

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