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Blends Cellar

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The place to blend your senses.

No taste experience is complete if not combined with the ideal bottle of wine. “There are two ways to start choosing your wine.

One way is to go first for the dish and then match you wine with it or the opposite.

It has to do with the client and with what is most important for him.

“The best way has to do with the personality of each one of us”, explains

Alexandros Papadopoulos, who has devised the wine list, the specific grape distillates as well as the tsipouro which is offered in Blends.


Sommelier Alexandros Papadopoulos

has prepared the wine list being inspired from Greek and international vineyards.


The key target of Blends’ team is the creation of ideal taste combinations for its guests.

The absolute taste experience is achieved through the diligent combination of food with the accompanying wine.

Alexandros advises the restaurant clients to become more selective as:

“Wine may bring out a dish but it can also impair it.

Often, a poor combination of a wine with a particular dish causes wine’s degradation or weakening.”

Blends’ guest will discover their own personal consultants, willing to suggest the ideal wine for the creative flavors of its kitchen as well as other taste combinations for which he would have never opted.

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19 Phoebis & Laodikis,
16674 Glyfada, Attica, Greece
+30 211-1821711

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