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The place to blend your senses...

Blends Philosophy

The place to blend your senses.


What Blends aims for is to offer an unprecedented experience, responding to the desires of each and every one of his guests.

Starting from this perception, the architectural office “Molindris + Associates” designed and created at this lively corner of Nymfon Square, in Glygada, a place with urban aesthetics, earthy character, modern interior design, artwork elements and discreet luxury.

Blends’ dominant elements are its multiple levels together with an aesthetically inspired exterior landscape design both resulting to a truly unmatched atmosphere.

The hallmark of Blends is the olive tree, overlooking  the interior center of the shop and constituting its landmark.



Blends’ Bar offers every night moments of fun and enjoyment accompanied by breakthrough signature cocktails, selected by a team of experienced bartenders.

Barista specialists have prepared unique beverages in the specially designed Espresso bar of Blends.

Blend’s Tapas Bar promises an unforgettable taste experience of twisted delicacies from all around the world.

In association with Artion Galleries, Blends brings a new dimension in all-day-restaurants philosophy.

Sophisticated artwork, sculptures and paintings of artists from all over the world are placed  to decorate its space, whilst at the same time art lovers are welcomed to buy any of them.


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see | feel | taste | smell & listen

19 Phoebis & Laodikis,
16674 Glyfada, Attica, Greece
+30 211-1821711

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